Careers in Medicine

Want a career in medicine? Diagnosing, treating, and managing patient conditions is important. These careers require many years of study, excellent grades, and rigorous training. Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners are all essential parts of the medical team.

  • Average Salary:
    Physician assistants practice medicine in collaboration with physicians. PA’s are members of the health care team who can make prescribe medicine, treat minor injuries, deliver some therapies, and examine patients.
  • Average Salary:
    Physicians have a wide range of responsibilities, broken down into different specializations. There are also two different types of medical degrees: MD’s and DO’s; representing two different ways of approaching patient care.
  • Average Salary:
    What is nursing? Nurse Practitioners are Advanced Practiced Registered Nurses, who with greater education, provide higher levels of care, conducting physical exams, ordering tests, diagnose disease, provide treatments, and prescribe medications.